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Event Day & Rally Services

Live Rally and Event Day Services are exciting new ways for us to work more closely with our clients, when their vehicles need to shine for photography/videography or just for another reason to brag to their friends.

Touch Ups

For the Quick Clean & Shine

Your vehicle was recently polished and waxed, but just getting to the event involves dust and road grime to build up on the surface. Let us perform a quick luxury wash, so only the sun stands between you and the vehicle's finish. A quick touchup to bring out the definition of your wheels & rims, followed by crystal clear glass wipe. Finished with a polish for any exhaust tips!

"Ready to show off like you planned!" 


Express Detailing

For Exterior Protection & Interior Confidence

Sometimes life gets in the way with a forever busy schedule. If you get caught off guard leading up to the event we can help. A quick cleaning, locked in with a polymer paint sealant will ensure you'll be looking great for the whole rally. And no need to navigate in squalor for the next few hours (or days), we will guarantee a spotless, freshened interior that will keep you alert for the whole trip.


Call (949) 682-WASH for special 'Event or Rally' Detail Pricing Today!

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