What's Right for You?

Different clients have different needs.

Is your vehicle always garaged? Addressed at any sign of grime? OR

Does it sit outdoors 90% of the time? Primarily receive the respect of an A-to-B vehicle?

"It's okay if it does. We don't hold judgment... (most of the time.)"

(Appearance, Aerodynamics/Fuel economy, maintain value, overall longevity, etc.)

It's important to keep your vehicle clean for a variety of reasons, but meeting

your expectations for your particular use case is of the utmost importance. 


What Did You Just Pay For?

Washing vs. Waxing vs. Polishing vs. Defect Removal

A bit of a mouthful, but it's worth repeating to insure you're the most educated detailing client.

"Barring price... not all detail services are created equally." 

Washed (Same In, Same Out)

Tunnel washing is generally the most abrasive to your clearcoat. Regularly detailed vehicles are best kept through careful Hand-washing, and should only use touchless wash systems outside of their normal detail schedule throughout the year.

Light Polishing (Minimal defect removal, but Makes your Paint 'Pop!')

The Single-Step Detail is a healthy maintenance process whose goal is light defect removal. High gloss protection is achieved by rejuvenating dull & deteriorated paint with a rich blend of polymers, silicones & carnauba, 'much like a quality cream, rejuvenates your skin.'

Heavy Swirls (typical of tunnel-washing and poorly maintained drying towels. This 'spidery, wispy' marring in your clear coat will stick around if not addressed.)

We use Clay technology first to Decontaminate & create a smooth-as-glass surface for Wax Adhesion (Or primed for Cutting Compound to address heavy defects.)

Multi-Step Defect Removal =

Heavy Cutting Compound (Multiple orbital passes with a cutting pad are typical) + Finishing Polish

Followed with Synthetic Paint Sealant we lock in the Highest Gloss & Depth for the Mirror-like Finish. Although time intensive, the results will make you feel like you've saved thousands vs. a new vehicle purchase.


1. Where are We Located?

We are available at your home or office building Monday through Thursday throughout Southern California.

From Friday to Sunday you can find us at one of our select Irvine Company properties

(Promontory Point, Newport Bluffs, Baypointe, Turtle Ridge, Newport Ridge or Bordeaux.)  

2. Will it scratch my car?

No. The Eco Luxury detailing process is 100% scratch free, guaranteed! 

3. How long should I allow for my car to be detailed?

Depending on your vehicle's condition and the level of service you require. 

Detail services vary from 1 hour to over 6 hours. 

4. What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us at least a 24 hour notice of cancelation.

Multiple cancellations may be subject to $50-100 administrative fee. 

5. Do you offer multi-vehicle or group discounts?

Yes. We would love to set up a multi-vehicle or group discount for you, your friends, or your place of business. 

(If completing purchase online we will adjust for group pricing in your Pending Invoice.)

6. Since you are a mobile service, do you require any resources?

No. We have everything covered.  (i.e. Solar generator & low-pressure handpumps w/ de-ionized H2O)

7. Do I need to do prepare my vehicle prior to my detail?

Yes. We ask you to please clear your vehicle of any personal belongings in order to serve you better for interior details.

Excessively dirty exterior (i.e. road trips) we prefer if you take your vehicle for pre-wash.

8. Are regular care plans available?

Yes. We can modify a care plan that works for your schedule and budget. 

         Typical plan for 3 months of care includes:

                     Month 1: Exterior detail (w/ paint sealant) & maintenance wash (2 weeks following) 

                      Month 2: Interior detail & maintenance wash (2 weeks following)

                     Month 3: Exterior detail (w/ wax) & maintenance wash (2 weeks following) 

9. How often should my vehicle be detailed?

Depending on your driving habits with your vehicle, we recommend a full exterior detail averaging every 6 months & interiors as soon as you feel uncomfortable in your own company. ;)

Vehicles that spend time closer to the ocean may choose to Wax every 1 to 2 months. 


If you're confident, Reserve HERE Now!

Further Questions don't hesitate to call (949) 682-WASH