Starting at $395 S / $495 M / $595 L

Interior protection for all surfaces including Leather, Glass, Fabric, Plastic & Rubber.

Ceramic Pro Leather has a super hydrophobic effect.

Liquids spilled bead up on surface and can easily be wiped away. The UV protection prevents the leather to age. It makes old leather look new.

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber is suitable for both interior and exterior. 

Coated surfaces with Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber will give a hydrophobic effect with wear resistance. The product works for both new and old products.

Ceramic Pro Textile reduces the surface energy of textile or suede.

When liquids come into contact with the fabric, it forms beads and simply roll off whilst keeping the textile substrate dry.

Ceramic Pro textile applied on a 2013 Audi R8 V10 Convertible by our Friends at Excessive Detailing: Houston, TX