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Not one to brag, but you are certainly in good hands

as our clients continually let us know:

"Simply amazing service from a friendly, knowledgeable, detail-oriented team..." - yelp reviewer


Andrew Martin Morales

Manager, Promontory Point & Mobile Services

Andrew's passion for automotive is instantly noticeable when you get him in front of Orange County's finest. Sales and customer service are definitely his strong suit, as he will ensure your vehicle gets exactly what it needs with a smile.  Since coming aboard, his attentiveness has allowed him to learn and compress an immense encyclopedia of knowledge in the detailing industry. His confidence working with a wide range of automotive paint surfaces will put you at ease when he is working on your vehicle. (See him in action below)


Knick Olson 

Owner, Sales/Marketing

Knick's passion for high-end European automobiles has been the overall drive to pursue a career in the high-end detailing industry. With a sales background derived from commercial real estate and worldwide nutriceutical retail, delivering an amazing customer experience and training a sales staff for professionalism comes as second nature. Systemization and duplication are the order of the day to ensure an exceptional standard for the industry.

Ryan Mahoney 

Owner, Marketing/Technology

Ryan's passion for technology and marketing allows Eco Luxury Detail to stay on the cusp on the internet world and enhance the customer experience online. Guided by a respect for the driving experience, his background in entrepreneurship and the online startup environment enables Eco Luxury Detail to create new venues & networks to show off well maintained vehicles in very exciting event spaces.