Flawless Finish starting at $75-95 per hour

(Pricing varies depending on size & condition.)

A multi-stage defect removal process to safely renew your clear coat.

Exterior Service includes:

  • Eco-Efficient, Low Pressure Handwash
  • pH-Balanced Chemical Bath to Dissolve Corrosive Iron Deposits 
  • Clay & Decontaminate Paint for Smooth-as-Glass Finish
  • Multi-Step Paint Correction For Swirl-Free, High-Gloss Paint Reflection
  • Restore & Recondition Plastic/Rubber Trim
  • Wheels throughly Detail & Protected
  • Exhaust Tips Polished to Perfection


(Due to the nature of defect removal, every vehicle and level of work required for this type of restoration is unique. Existing condition of your paint, the delicate curves of your particular vehicle, and overall size will determine an accurate quote for you.)

"We care deeply about providing the right solution for your unique case."


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Additional Services available at Reservations:

    • Scratch Removal 
    • Decal/Badge Removal
    • Paint Sealant
    • Deep Wheel/Rim Polishing
    • Headlight Restoration
    • Trim Restoration
    • Wet Sanding
    • Windshield Chip Repair
    • Fabric Protection
    • Leather Sealant
    • Interior Spot Removal
    • Exterior Painting And/Or Bodywork
    • Premium Tinting
    • ClearBra Paint Protection Services
    • Ceramic & Nano Paint Coatings